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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 12, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the fire began yesterday afternoon at the zanker road landfill and recycling cent. helping fuel the fire... hu mounds we have the latest opposite a fire in san jose that began yesterday afternoon at the banker road landfill and recycling center, helping fuel the fire. some up to 40 feet high. could be seen and smelled in much of santa clara valley.
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>> swap of san jose sunday choking anything in its path like george hoyt's lungs. >> there's smoke, no doubt about that. turning the small fire into bigger problems. >> woodchips not only spreading but floating through the air and setting up the small fires. >> and no hydrants up where the fire is so crews come down here to fill up. 2,000 gallons for each trip takes about four minutes. >> when the tanker trucks get to the tire line, they dumped the water in a huge tub and the fire crews take aim at the hot spot seemed multiplied by the minute. there are no structures nearby, but flying embers carried concerns that new fires would spark across the surrounding area that is dry as the desert
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and the fire may be only the beginning of a long hot and dangerous fire season. >> we're concerned and prepared, obviously, but a wild season. >> people have to be extremely careful. >> reporter: for george hoyt, what's burning now is bad enough and stinging his lungs the longer he stays. this volunteer mission is going to be a quick one. >> pretty nasty stuff. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix 5. >> there was smoke. >> tore one on highway 87 and u.s. 101 controlled within half an hour there and believed it was caused by a cigarette and others tossed out of a car window nearby and warm windy weather has been a problem and it could get worse. temperatures expect to flirt with the century mark by midweek. and fire season is already declared for most of
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california. there have been more than 1300 fires in the state so far this year, nearly twice as many as normal. so we're missing all of that rain we should have had. >> that was a concern this winter, such a dry winter. >> we get into it now. the hot temperatures and the side of things to come in the summer months. we're in for a heat wave. today, the temperatures jump a good 10 to 15 degrees in the coastline and the mid 70s out at the beach today and 70s in the bay and beginning to see some 90s showing up in some of the valley. 92 in fairfield, about 91 in livermore and should be about 89 degrees in san jose and even about kicking in the san francisco and looking at about 80 degrees in san rafael. let's look at the weather. >> thank you and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza on
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this monday morning. it's quiet and chp rather has a high wind advisory in effect for the day bridge but may be expiring soon again. we're calling on it now but in the meantime, just a heads up. you may see the signs activated you can see no delay in san francisco from the east bay. san mateo looking good. holding steady this morning out of hayward and we also did some wrapping up shortly. the lanes are shut down since about 9:00 just before 9:00 last night. that's between sonoma raceway. all trains on bart have gotten off through a good start. kpix 5 traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. if your commute takes you to the golden gate bridge, expect delays in the confusion the next couple of weeks.
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brian webb said you could end up on the wrong side of the golden gate bridge. >> haven't been here in a long time but wasn't bad at all. >> reporter: construction crews moved the last san francisco exit up by a thousand feet and if you blink you might miss it. >> the last exit can be treacherous because if you're not local and a native like i am, you'll miss it. so if you miss the last exit, not only do you have to drive all the way across the golden gate bridge, you have to pay the $7 toll just to make it back. >> just another beautiful day in san francisco. >> reporter: it's happening to add safety shoulders and landscaping to the project. the changes should last about a month. >> you can see it clearly marks
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it. >> reporter: at least if you miss the turn, the views are on the most popular of america. >> so beautiful. >> reporter: brian webb, kpix 5. it happened in the neighborhood and building for themselves and the sidewalk and hit two treeles, a building, and a pedestrian. police say none of the injuries are life-threatening. >> 4:36 now. four missing boaters will resume east of sacramento. they disappeared after the boat capsized on saturday. divers had to suspend yesterday afternoon because of high winds and low visibility. there was a red flag warning in effect becauseover dangerous boating conditions out there.
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we were going to go boating but decided not to because it was too rough. >> capsize. the owners of the los angeles clippers, bobby reports we hear from both donald and shelly and then the ramp was made public. >> another chance. >> after weeks of only hearing his voice on explosive tape recordings, for the first time, we hear donald sterling's take on the scandal that left to his lifetime ban from the nba. he sat down with anderson cooper. >> there's people who decide my fate. i think our -- not the media and not the player's union, but the nba. >> in the interview, sterling asks for forgiveness and insists he's not a racist since the league said they plan to force sterling to sell the
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clippers. speculation swirled that he would consider taking legal action against the nba, potentially tying things up in court for years. he didn't seem interested in that route. >> >> the end of the road, what i do benefit, especially if they fight with me and i spend millions and they spend millions, let's say i win or they win. i don't know if that's important. >> reporter: in an interview with abc's barbara walters, shelly, his wife, made it clear she'll fight to what she said is the 50% ownership of the clippers, no matter what happens with her husband's stake. >> i fight for my 50%. and there are reports that the nba wants to oust you completely as a team owner. you'll fight that decision? >> i will fight that decision. >> reporter: the nba released a response to shelly sterling's comments. police said if three quarters of the team owners vote to end the controlling owner's
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interest in the team, all other owners of the team are also terminated. happening today, a bay area billionaire take the witness stand in a coastal access. the issue is in san mateo county court of whether the owner can keep people from crossing his property. venture capitalist, ordered this afternoon. he's closing only martins beach after buying the property back in 2008. surf rider is restoring access to the beach. >> investigators say the man suffered traumatic injuries when fell down a steep hillside they air lift the and rushed to a hospital. a rescue happened yesterday afternoon at china camp state park east of san rafael.
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the victim's current condition has not been released. developing news in the eastern ukraine where two russians held votes on whether to declare themselves independent republics. although the vote count is not complete, an estimated 90% voted in favor of the independents but as allison harmelin reports, no one outside of the region plans to recognize the outcome. >> reporter: a woman broke down in tears after a prorussian demonstrator or the was shot in ukraine. they opened fire on a crowd outside of town hall. the violence came as prorussian insurgents and two regions claimed victory to separate from ukraine. at one polling station, armed gunmen tried to stop from casting the ballot. >> they did not meet international standards and
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vladimir putin asked to be delayed. accused putin of destabilizing the region. >> it's a super power and a force to be reckoned with around the world. >> reporter: they continue to amass troops and tanks along the border in the two nations and while ballots could be fully counted by late monday, both the international community said they'll disregard the votes regardless of its outcome. allison harmelin for cbs news, new york. >> back in march, crimean peninsula, voted to succeed. the french official said the president of nigeria agreed to attend a security summit in paris on saturday. it will focus on how to deal with boko haram, the islamist militant group that kidnapped more than 200 nigerian
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schoolgirls. the government of nigeria has been the target of international outrage for the failure to rescue the girls and the officials are trying to develop a conclusive list of names. first, they say the government is exploring a possible swap for members of boko haram now being held in nigerian jails. at stanford tonight, they maintain an effort for the focus on schoolgirls that happened 6:30 on university avenue. >> time now, 4:42 on your monday. a panel brewing between the legend and levi stadium. 100 parking spots are causing a big problem. >> a very special mother's day treat has these women feeling brand new. the memorable gift next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ceremony at the university richmond. a moment of silence was held yesterday.... for three vic, killed friday balloon crash it was a somber graduation ceremony at the university of virginia. moment of silence for three victims killed in virginia in a hot air balloon crash. two on the staff and another a
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veteran balloon pilot who lost control. yesterday crews recovered the body of the remaining missing victim in a heavily wooded area there. take a look at a giant funnel cloud that touched down in central kansas. first apoored poor -- appeared in an open field and then barns. no reports of injuries or damage and some areas under a severe thunderstorm warning as more storms march through the the area. in nebraska, rain and tornadoes swept across the southeast part of the state. no one was injured but several buildings were destroyed. one of the most recognizable landmarks in the u.s. is about to reopen for the first time in almost three years. >> it is. that would be the washington monument. it has been closed for about 33 months since it was damaged by the earthquake years back. crews repaired 150 cracks, numerous rain water leaks as well and a couple of hours from now and 130-year-old monument will be open to the public again shortly after the celebration. well, it was a special
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mother's day for a special group of women in san francisco. >> kpix 5's mark kelly reports women at a homeless shelter got the royal treatment. >> hair and make-up and classical music, they got the treatment. ernesto is one of the make-up artists who volunteer to give the moms, many homeless, a taste of glamour. >> you get to know a little bit about them, their background, what they like and also, just to bring them a little of that happiness. >> i don't want them to feel really sad and, like, i want them to feel like the same as everyone else. just happy. >> reporter: it's the 20th year for this event and with 35 moms taking advantage, organizers say it's the most extravagant one yet. program director ralph peyton is happy to see these moms enjoying themselves. >> there's a stigma around being homeless and for them,
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there is no stigma today. the community is actually wrapping their arms around them and saying, hey, we're going to take care of you. >> hair right, make-up all done up. it's time to show it all off. these moms were treated to a brunch away from the kids, highest in the room when they reflected on what this day of relaxation gives them. >> i'm a single mother. i really have no help, so it's like, everyday is like a stress. every mom needs a break like myself. we spend every day trying to make and we don't have time for ourselves, so when we have a day, it's special. >> reporter: julia won't soon forget her one day off taking time for herself and feeling like a queen. >> and i'm very grateful too. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, eyewitness news. the center made it all possible. >> and a nonprofit provides
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transitional housing for these ladies. might sell your breakfast. got a breakfast in bed. >> i did. i got breakfast in bed and then later on, woke up to starbucks and a krispy kreme donut. >> i gave my mom a quick phone call and left her alone. she was very happy with that. >> folks around the bay area, we see much hotter weather. the next few days, in fact, the heat wave. well, here we go. record-breaking temperatures over the next few. today, those numbers are going to soar into the afternoon but a nice cool start to the day. enjoy it while we have it. these temperatures drop down in the 40s in the santa rosa and 54 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, the temperatures are going to get hot in spots. we've got high pressure overhead and the offshore winds, i think, up into the 90s in some of the valleys but even hotter. some of the temperatures flirting with triple digits as we head in towards the next couple of days. an excessive heat watch going into effect as we see hot
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temperatures starting tomorrow and then looks like they'll continue through wednesday. maybe extend it into thursday before things begin to change. a ridge of high pressure overhead to crank up temperatures for today and stick around through the middle of the week. 76 into monterey bay and temperatures today soaring this afternoon. 9 89 in san jose and inside the bay, you'll get a bit of a sea breeze in the afternoon, still about 84 in oakland. 79 degrees in . and temperatures hot in spots.
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westbound if westbound 37 for paving, closed between highway 29 and 121 in vallejo. we'll let you know on kpix. the golden gate bridge, a few headlights southbound on doyle drive. so far, so good coming out of morin county and we're even beginning to see some delays already out of tracy. 205 and continuing straight on through the pass and drive time good between wind turbines and 680. we see slowing and then it picks up past that. here's a live look closer to the dublin interchange, 580 looks great approaching the dublin grade and the castro valley wide continuing to move well. no major accidents at the door right now. good news starting off this monday morning in a good day. here's a live look at the minutes freeway in oakland. we cruise right along to your downtown oakland exit. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you. >> thank you. there's a new dispute over
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parking in santa clara. 49ers on one side and joe montana is on the other. his company plans to build a hotel and entertainment center across the street but that could eat in to the 789 parking spots the team is allotted. if the two sides can't come up with a solution, the niners threatened to block montana's $400 million project. the stadium opens in august. happening today, stage two of the year's amgen tour of california. >> yeah, it's backstage one yesterday with a thrilling finish at state capital in sacramento. british cyclist mark cavendish. that will be tomorrow, the cyclists get a workout from san jose and mount hamilton ending at mount diablo. the race will finish at
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thousand oaks next week. >> they've got a lot of work to do. >> a lot of miles to cover. >> a lofty show at the top of the building. >> a mother's day gift times two. the special set of twins next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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the job after he was accuse having sex with a 17-year-o girl. >> the bay soaring up into the 80s and the 90s. a real possibility into the south bay. starting in, the hot side today and i think the next couple of days, even hotter as we see the peak of the heat right through the middle of the week. in the east bay, 91 in livermore today. 89 in dublin, 90 in danville.
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92 degrees in antioch, one of the warmer spots and 91 in pleasant hill and heading to the north bay, 80 degrees by afternoon. >> hit the center divide on the right hand shoulder on the screen, southbound 680. more of the rest of the drive to work coming up on monday morning. >> thank you. a priest in the city of davis is off the job after accused of having sex with a 16- year-old girl. includes statutory rape. die yo sis said the 45-year-old.
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the intoxicated man did not want to come down but after convincing, they were able to pull to safety with the help of the rope. not too smart there. a woman in ohio gave birth to twin girls on mother's day and not just any twins. >> no, these were very special twins. the mother recently learned she had what's known as mono mono twins meaning the babies shared the same amniotic sack and placenta. the odds of this are one in 10,000. there's worry about cord entangment and compression. they came out healthy and holding hands. >> so awesome. >> bond forever there. a girl is breathing on her own.
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one is getting extra oxygen but should be fine. if your commute takes you by the golden gate bridge, you might want to listen up. a minor change has caused the back-up. a tip to save you extra time this morning and a little money. ,,,,
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moving that last exit can be treacherous because if you're not local and a native like i am, you'll miss it. >> today's commute could get a little confusing. construction crews moved up the last san francisco exit. >> 350 fires so far this year in california, twice as many fires than in a typical year and our drive still ahead. smoky, no doubt about that.
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>> fire at a south bay landfill. >> if the owners feel like another chance -- >> we hear from both donald and shelly sterling now, the embattled owners of the l.a. clippers for the first time since the racist rant was made public. from across the bay to around the world , the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. it's 5:00. i'm frank mallicoat. 90 degrees in some spots. >> the heat waves beginning at what looks like a little cool this morning. we've got mostly clear skies in the coastline and clouds rotating. a sense of the ridge of high pressure overhead and the offshore winds and today, could see mid 70s in the coastline and 80s in the bay and some 90s to show up in the valleys. mostly clear just about everywhere you go right now. a


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